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What If In 2023? The Valleys (Mega) League, An Imaginary Look At A Super Conference

The landscape of High School Athletics is in constant flux.  Enrollments go up down and we see the shifts in power as the talent and raw numbers fluctuate across our region.  Looking at the Mega Conferences that are already established in other areas in the Great State of Michigan, such as the O-K and MAC, I invite you to take a look at my fun take on what a ‘Super Conference’ would look like across the Genesee and Saginaw Valleys and surrounding Mid-Michigan areas.  To give a more visual impression, I created schedules for all 72 Teams across the league, using Football as the example sport.

The make-up of these imaginary divisions took into account; Geography, Enrollment, Rivalries and Existing Conference Affiliations.  Each Division is made up of 8 Teams with a schedule of playing each other once and having two cross-over games with a comparable division (one home and one away game for each school).  A couple of other fabricated variables that helped comprise the 72 Team League were the consolidation of Arthur Hill and Saginaw High into Saginaw United and the migration of Carson City-Crystal to the Central Michigan Athletic Conference, whom would have two cross-over games with the TVL White each year.

I hope if anything, this provides a bit of content enjoyment as we help each other pass the time over the next three weeks and at most I hope it gets us thinking and talking of ways where we can stabilize the playing field and create a lot of fun opportunities on the real playing field for years to come.

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