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Beyond the Spotlight w/ Jayden Evans

Jayden Evans is competing in his senior year at Hemlock High School.

What is the best part about competing in your winter sport?

Getting to play and compete in the sport I love in front of my friends and family

Who is your team’s biggest rival? Why?

Valley Lutheran, since they beat us twice last season

What is your favorite part about completing in high school sports?

Being able to compete against other talented high schoolers from the area and doing so in front of a big crowd

What is your favorite sports movie?

Woodlawn, because it is an entertaining movie that also carries a great message

What has your sport taught you about teamwork?

It is vastly more difficult to win games and create bonds without teamwork

Where is the toughest place to play on the road during your winter sport?

Nouvel, because their gym feels really small compared to our own and they also have a set of bleachers behind one of their baskets

What song are you listening to before competing to get you ready?

I usually don’t listen to music before games

There is a middle school student who wishers they were you right now…what advice would you give him/her about high school athletics?

The jump in skill level and athleticism from middle school to high school is very big, so it’s important to make sure you stay practicing and getting in the gym whenever you can to make sure you don’t fall behind your competition


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