Beyond the Spotlight w/ Justin Doty

Justin Doty is competing in his Junior Year at Bay City Western High School.

What sport(s) and position(s) do you play and how many years have you been on the Varsity team?
Football, OL, DL (2nd Season)

List any academic or athletic achievements you have earned during high school career (i.e. honor roll, all-conference, student council, all-state, etc.)
All State discus, All Academic, SVL MVP Boys track

What do you enjoy most about competing in high school sports?
Having fun cheering on teammates when they make a big play or do well.

What is your best memory from HS sports so far, and why is it meaningful to you?
Hitting 172 in discus and breaking the valley meet record. All of my teammates were there for the last meet as a team with our coach who was retiring.

What are you looking forward to most this upcoming season?
Playing with all of my friends on the same team.

What’s your go to pre-game/contest meal? Where do you get it from?
I like to eat sushi whenever possible. I usually get it from either Fuji sushi or Fushion 1 Cafe.

Who is your team’s biggest rival? What makes that rivalry special or different from the other teams you’ll face this season?
Bay City Central since I everyone from our school gets hyped up with our orange and camo day.

What is one personal and one team goal that you have for this upcoming season?
Personal goal will have to be that I can just do my job for my quarterback so he doesn’t get mad at me. And a team goal will be to at least play 10 games.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice as a Freshman, what you would it be?
I would say to slow down and learn proper lifting forms.