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2019-20 BBB Hardwood Preview: Nouvel CC Panthers

Introducing, the 2019-20 Nouvel CC Panthers’ Boys Basketball Team out of the TVC West.

Name, school, years coaching (total & w current team), and current conference:
Michael Kessler, Nouvel Catholic Central, 10 years coaching- 5th year Varsity at Nouvel Catholic Central – TVC West

How did last season finish up in the conference (conference champ, best few teams, etc.) and with your team? What was your overall record?
Valley Lutheran won the conference last year with good competition from Ithaca and Hemlock. We finished 4th in the conference with a 7-7 record in conference. We finished with an overall record of 9-12.

It’s hard to predict the future, and with the conference realignments happening even more true, but which team(s) do you think may rise to the top of the conference this season? What about them makes you feel this way?
Hemlock will be the team to beat in the conference this season. Hemlock is well coached and have an excellent group of young talent. Carrollton will be a little bit of a wild card coming into the conference from the TVC Central and Ithaca is always tough.

Who are the key returning players on your roster from last season? What are some of the things they do to make the team better?
Our key returners from last season are Sam Buckingham, Devin Smith, and Harry Dwan. Sam Buckingham can guard every position on the floor and is a solid rim protector. He is a good shooter and is an incredible athlete. Devin Smith is an explosive point guard who has really improved his shooting. When he’s on, he’s as good of a player as there is in the conference. Harry Dwan is consistent as they come. He’s a very good defender and plays hard constantly.

Who is the up-and-coming player(s) on this years team you feel can make an impact at the varsity level? What makes you feel this way?
Jonathan Tunney is a sophomore this year who has really improved from last year. He can score the basketball in a number of ways that makes him a difficult guard. Graham Domine, a junior, has also improved a ton since last year on JV. His shot has become more consistent and he has improved his strength and athletic ability.

What are a few of things your team will need to do this season to be successful?
We need to bring a consistent effort on both ends of the floor. When we play hard, we are a very solid team. We also need to understand spacing a little more offensively and rebound better.

What is your favorite thing about coaching high school athletics?
The kids are the best thing about coaching high school athletics. Helping them grow from boys to responsible, hard working young men is very fulfilling.

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